New Email Subscription & Language Translator


Chloe listens up on the blog's new notification system and language translator. 

At our recent blog staff meeting, Chloe brought up the subject on adding a notification system that can alert readers to new stories that are posted,

“Come on, in the age of automatic email alerts, we should be able to personally notify our readers when you write about my latest shenanigans!” Chloe remarked.   
“I’m sure there’s a mechanism in this blogging software that will make this a snap.” I responded.

Sure enough, our readers can now enter an email subscription to My Dog Chloe & Me. The new “Follow by Email” tab is at the bottom of the screen. If you want the convenience of getting the latest blog entry sent to your email, here’s a tool that does it.  We'll also continue to post notification updates to Facebook and Google+ as well. 

“So with that new Google Translate menu that’s on the blog can we finally convert our stories into dog text?” Chloe asked. 
“Unfortunately no, but our blog can now be translated into over 75 different languages, Google hasn’t cracked the code for talking with the dogs!”

Chloe is disappointed, after hearing Google Translate can't convert the blog into dog text!

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