Remembering Biscuit


Chloe and Biscuit on the trail.

The passing of a family pet is never easy especially one that has been at your side for many years, and on April 18th, 2014, Judy informed us that Biscuit had finally succumbed to old age. If you’re a follower of "My Dog Chloe and Me", you’ll know that I’ve had the opportunity to write a number of stories about Biscuit and Chloe since the blog’s inception.
Biscuit was not only Chloe’s favorite walking companion, but he resembled a real life version of Tramp from Disney’s movie, Lady and the Tramp. It was fun to compare Chloe and Biscuit to their famous counterparts, from not only an appearance level, but from the point of how well they interacted, seemingly to enjoy each other’s company. 

Biscuit was always the gentleman during their walks, eager to show manners and never a scolding toward Chloe, even when she insisted on being first in line for a doggy treat. I know Chloe will surely miss Biscuit, just as I will, but the memories that were made in walking together on our high desert trails will always be remembered. 

Biscuit, a true gentleman. We will miss you.

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