Observations on This Spring Morning


A spring morning observation.

It’s officially a month into spring here in the high desert. New colors, interesting smells especially for Chloe, and an early morning sunrise greeted us as we made our way to the trail. In the blog post, “Observing From the Ground Level”, I wrote about the little things that get noticed when you walk the neighborhood, and today was another such day where we encountered this solitary red flowering plant next to the sidewalk.

As we approached it, Chloe took a closer look, but ended her analysis after a few short sniffs and quickly moved on to finding more interesting things nearby. Without the red flower it has foliage that looks very similar to the weeds that I often pull out from our xeroscape, but at the same time, I don’t remember having ever encountered this distinguished flower before. 

Our southwest winds are notoriously blowing around seeds from all different types of plants, meaning that you will often see plants growing out of the oddest places, like a native cactus that springs from the thinnest of cracks in a sidewalk. That set me searching for what type of plant, or weed produced these red flowers, …of which I still don’t have an answer. So if there are any horticulturists, or weed experts, maybe you can help, and no it’s not a poppy to my knowledge.

What is this flowering plant?

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