Grandkids, Chloe, and Exhaustion


Chloe becomes Bella's shadow.

What do you get when you mix four small grandkids with one Cocker Spaniel?  The answer …exhaustion on the part of the cocker spaniel.  Easter Sunday in our household, included morning church, an afternoon family barbecue, and one very tired Miss Chloe by the evening. Let’s just say that Chloe tried her best to keep up with the activities of these very active grandchildren as she crisscrossed the backyard following one child after another.

When Savannah and Bella licked their ice cream cones, guess who was just below their chairs to lap up the drips? ...Chloe of course.  When Hudson went in search of Easter eggs, guess who followed looking to join in the hunt? …Chloe of course. When Allie blew bubbles into the air, guess who tried to catch them before they landed? …Chloe of course.

Chloe was at one end of the yard one minute and the other end by the next minute. She was nearly non-stop. You see, Chloe of course was in her element, as she loves to have the grandkids at the house.

Savannah shows off her ice cream cone,
while Bella has her hands full,
...and Choe hangs out lapping up the drips.
Hudson searches for Easter eggs, Chloe joins in the hunt.
Allie blows bubbles into the air,
...and Chloe catches them before they land.

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