Tracking Our Walk in Real-Time


GPS is used to record our walking mileage and route each day. 

As part of the incentive to stay on a regimented schedule, and to see our walking progress each month, I’ve kept a daily mileage chart of our excursions. Chalk the record keeping to being an Architect that simply likes to see the details.

Our present method of mileage tracking is based upon Google Maps where I distance measured the neighborhood and the trails that Chloe and I walk. To add accuracy, I also measured different walking paths that we could take and used these in a standard mileage chart. Then when Chloe and I walked a particular route for the day, I would record that route’s set mileage. This measured our progress, but it didn’t allow for changing our daily route on the fly. Chalk that again up to being an Architect, in that I like accuracy.

All of that has changed now with the free application that I recently loaded to my iPhone from the Apple App Store. Called “Map My Dogwalk” this application allows us to record our walks in real-time based upon the built-in GPS (global positioning system) of the phone.

The app nicely records our walking distance, the start and end times to the walk, and even calculates the calories I am burning. It also maps our walking path, and allows all of this information to be saved on the phone with a date and a description. Its review rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. I like applications that work with simplicity and ease, and this one appears to be winner.

Map My Dogwalk App.
Image Courtesy of Map My Fitness

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