We Lost an Hour Chloe


Under sunny skies we walk past flowering trees.

Changing to daylight saving time, especially in the spring can certainly interrupt the sleep cycle, even if it’s only by an hour. The fall back of time in the autumn is great since you gain an hour, but when it comes to spring ahead that’s when the going becomes rough, like this morning when Chloe was still curled up asleep at our normal walking time of 7 am.

Surprisingly it was already light enough to begin our trek, but instead I let Chloe play the part of being a sleepy head for a little longer, and an hour later we ventured outside under a sunny New Mexico sky to begin our daily routine.

Squinting her eyes from the sun, Chloe asks for another treat, today's flavor is egg and cheese.
As we turn to head west, Chloe spots a walker down the trail.
Chloe watches for rabbits on the sides of the trail.
We stop to remove a 'goat head' from Chloe's front paw, a common occurrence if she ventures off the paved trail.
Just before turning off the trail that we walked (seen on the right), we look back east towards the mountains.

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