This Young Cocker Spaniel Wants to Go Home


This classic looking young male is ready to go home. 
Parents are Tinker Bell and Chopper. 
Image Courtesy of Weems Family Kennel

There’s always a bit of sadness when a puppy doesn’t find their new home in a timely manner, especially if their siblings are selected one-by-one ahead of them. I’m sure in some ways they watch with great anticipation when each new family comes to visit, hoping they are the one to be chosen.

I still vividly remember our day in selecting Chloe from the kennel, and how her litter mates would come up to me trying their best to gain both my attention and affection. Earlier this week the Weems Family Kennel was advertising that one of their puppies, now over five months in age is still in need of a new owner. Spruced up with a new haircut, this young male is ready to go home. 

If you don’t want to start completely at the typical 8-10 week puppy timeline, here's an opportunity to adapt a great pet, and a truly classic looking American Cocker Spaniel. 

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