Sun, Snoozes, and The High Desert


Sun, snoozes, and the high desert!

As the east coast reels with cold temperatures, ice and snow, our part of the southwest begins to see signs of spring. The weather forecast shows an upcoming week with temperatures in the mid to upper sixties along with plenty of sunshine. It’s times like these that New Mexico’s over abundance of sun makes for a vivid contrast to the rest of the country.

Today’s morning walk surrounded us with warm temperatures, and a striking sunrise that gave way to a hazy blue sky with some clouds. Chloe soon found out that snoozing was also the best way to spend her time after the trail. 

As we start to hit the middle of February there is still at least five weeks to go for a winter season here. But for now, it’s sun, snoozes, and the high desert!

Chloe snoozes away the morning after our walk.

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