Can a Cocker Spaniel be a Diva?


Can a cocker spaniel be a diva?

diva Syllabification: (di·va)

Pronunciation: /ˈdēvə/

Noun:  a woman regarded as temperamental or haughty: she’s such a diva that she won’t enter a restaurant until they change the pictures on the walls to her liking.

Origin: late 19th century: via Italian from Latin, literally 'goddess'  - From the Oxford Dictionary

Can a female cocker spaniel be a diva?

It was the topic of discussion during one of our walks with the Dog Pack. If you've read about Chloe's pack friends you'll know the group includes a female Brittany, two female Poodles, and a male Poodle-Schnauzer mix.

One opinion was a resounding “yes”, a spaniel can be a diva, but I thought, “no way", especially not with their hunting and sporting heritage. I would contend that Poodles are the real divas, with their nose in the air, their high stepping trot, and a grooming style that exudes a, ...look at me pose. 

In fact, Poodles were bred for their ability at showmanship that resulted in over the top grooming styles as a way of being noticed. Of course, Poodle owners love their breed for these traits. They’re intelligent, loyal, a little high strung, but they do make a good companion I’m told.

I know Chloe pretty well, ever since she was a pup I might add, and while she can have her moments of pouting sometimes, she is no diva. Now, if you ever looked at a cocker spaniel with their large eyes and that soulful gaze, and of course that continuously wagging tail, you would understand that they just couldn’t be divas!

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