The Christmas Lawn Art Critics


Winner Category 1 - The Most Creative
This metal lawn art adorns this front yard year round and was
dressed up as the "Wandering Santa" on a mission to free the Elves.

As we headed out for our walk on this New Year's day, Chloe and I thought it would be fun to take one last look at the strange and interesting Christmas decorations that adorned our neighborhood lawns. If you remember, I previously wrote about the inflatable lawn art that seems to get more unusual each Christmas. This year however we wanted to judge the lawn art. Our categories were:

1 - The Most Creative
2 - The Most Lawn Art on a Single Lawn
3 - The “What Were They Thinking?” When They Set This Out on The Lawn

With camera in hand and Chloe to help me judge, we became Christmas Lawn Art Critics, and selected our winners in the following photographs.

Winner Category 2 - The Most Lawn Art on a Single Lawn
Winner Category 3 - The "What Were They Thinking?"
Honorable Mention for the Cheapest
When all else fails, just throw some toilet paper in the tree! 
Even Chloe had to say, "What's up with this?"

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