Guarding the Christmas Turkey


Chloe guards the stove on Christmas morning.

Christmas morning was filled with all kinds of cooking in our household, from freshly baked biscuits, to steaming vegetable casseroles, and to the main dish, …the turkey. We were readying for an afternoon guest attendance that included parents, children and grandchildren.

Now Chloe of course was in her element as a typical “foodie” with the smell of cooking in the air, and what cocker spaniel, or dog for that matter knows there is something going on but they can’t quite get at it. You see the smells were coming from all parts of the kitchen, from the stove, the oven, and the countertops. Chloe continuously walked the perimeter of the kitchen making it her job of course to guard the turkey in the oven. No one was going to get there first! 

Chloe watches the turkey preparations.

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