This Second Saturday of The New Year


A beginning of a dramatic morning sunrise.

Chloe and I greeted this second Saturday of the New Year with great applause especially after what felt like a long week. Did we just go through five days? We headed out the door early to grey skies that eventually made way for a dramatic morning sunrise.

In keeping with our tally of rabbit sightings, Chloe caught a glimpse of one that headed in the opposite direction just as we approached the trail. That matches yesterday’s sighting of one rabbit that Chloe never did see, even though it was pointed out several times. Although she snapped to attention by hearing the word rabbit, she kept looking in the wrong direction before the rabbit finally vanished from sight.

We also met Judy and Biscuit this Saturday morning, where we walked the trail in tandem fashion with Chloe continuously reminding Judy, that it was now treat time, which according to cocker spaniel time keeping, occurs about every three minutes.

Chloe poses for me in the park this morning...
Where she continues to hold the pose...
And holds the pose...
Before she finally tells me that's enough!

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