Maggie and Scout


Our Friday morning walk began uneventful leaving a little later than usual. Overcast skies, a temperature in the upper thirties and still some snow patches on the north side of walls made for an overall pleasant winter day here in the high desert.

We greeted Maggie and Scout, a brother and sister duo in the park. Maggie is the smaller of the two dogs, around 3 years old and a Terrier-Sheltie mix. Her story includes being rescued from a nearby shelter. Scout the elder of the two at around 5 years of age, is also a rescue dog of a Terrier combination that was saved as a companion to Maggie. 

It seems that Maggie was lonely at times, or that’s just her owners speaking since most dogs generally prefer the run of a house as the single attention getter. We understand that Maggie is also the couch potato of the two, where Scout has plenty of energy to run and play with any friendly dog her size.

Chloe greets Maggie this morning. 
A three dog greeting (Scout, Chloe and Maggie).

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