Saddle Up Saturday


The Virginian  |  Courtesy of INSP's "Saddle Up Saturday" 
“Saddle Up Saturday” is our code for watching television on a Saturday. It also means Chloe and I will be lounge lizards for the day sitting on the big easy chair watching the INSP channel lineup of old western shows like The Big Valley, Bonanza, and our favorite The Virginian starring James Drury.

We earned our day off especially considering that both of us spent all yesterday afternoon collecting the last of the leaves that had fallen on the ground. Of course Chloe ran around the yard nonstop while I actually bagged the leaves. It was also a good day to stay indoors as the high desert was exhibiting unfavorable weather with cold temperatures and grey skies. So after our morning walk, it was time to snuggle up together with the fleece comforter and call it a day with Saddle Up Saturday.

Watching "The Big Valley."
and when it gets boring, Chloe sleeps!

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