Chloe Catches Up with Biscuit


Yesterday’s walk started off as usual leaving the house at 7:30 am. The sun had not quite risen over the Sandias, and our outing seemed routine as we headed up the trail with no one around. It was just before turning the corner toward the park when we caught sight of Judy and Biscuit coming down the trail. 
Now it has been a while since we last saw them, but Chloe didn’t forget Judy’s special duck treats as she bolted into a run to get one with me in tow. Of course we caught up on the latest news of The Dog Pack where Chloe and Biscuit easily fell into step as we headed back down the trail.

Chloe and Biscuit head down the trail.
Getting duck treats from Judy.
Biscuit is looking good on this Saturday morning.
Chloe Enjoys Catching Up with Biscuit, and the duck treats!

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