Thicker Fleece Fends Off High Desert Cold


Chloe and I trek through the park today.

Sunday morning continued to bring snow flurries, cold temperatures and grey skies. Although there were no additional accumulations of the white stuff, the falling snow delayed our walk until early afternoon as Chloe and I departed into an exterior environment measuring in the low-twenties. Seems that winter has come early to the high desert this year, and it’s looking like our decision to wrap Chloe in a heavier jacket is paying off.

Several times I’ve checked to see how comfortable she was under the thicker fleece by placing my hand under the material. Each time I can feel the warmth it generates without getting her over heated. It also helps that fleece has excellent breathability for a fabric. Chloe appears to like the jacket as well, especially since there’s no shivering or shaking on her part, which means she can enjoy our daily winter outings in comfort. 

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