Thursday’s Snow Storm


Yesterday our portion of the high desert received its first major winter storm of the season with record cold temperatures and three to four inches of snowfall. Interestingly it didn’t seem to collect on the local roads as much as it did on the surrounding foliage making for a remarkably white landscape.

Today’s early morning low temperatures suspended our daily walk at first, but by 10:30 am, after a warm up into the low thirties we headed out. A complete covering of the white stuff blanketed the sides of the trail, which of course meant that Chloe’s preferred path was a trek through the snow for both of us on several occasions. Burying her head in the snow, followed by a full body roll, and then a shake to get rid of the powdered stuff made for some memorable camera snaps as well.

Chloe buries her head into the snow, 
…and follows that up with a full body roll, 
…and a complete shake off of the white stuff, 
…and motions to me, "let's do it again!"

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