Chloe's Winter Fur Coat


I’m sure most cocker spaniel owners will agree that one of the primary expenses of maintaining this breed is spent on grooming services. In fact, the cocker spaniel has one of the fastest growing coats of fur, and some may even say that you can actually see it grow before your eyes. Of course that’s an exaggeration, but if left untrimmed, it would easily reach the floor.

Now if you live in the high desert where it’s dusty and hot in the summer, and cold in the winter, it’s best to keep a cocker’s coat at a manageable length that is tailored to the season. This simply means maintaining it shorter in the summer and longer in the winter, especially if you’re out walking daily.

The distinctive style of short on top, with a long feathered skirt and legs is also what gives a cocker spaniel their unique appearance. I snapped these pictures at the park yesterday as Chloe poses with her winter fur coat that combines manageability with the cocker look.

Chloe poses in the park yesterday.

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