Chloe's Real Life Doppelganger? (Part 1)


dop-pel-gang-er  noun
someone that looks the exact same as another person, yet not a twin.
synonyms -  alter ego, carbon copy, clone, counterpart, image double, duplicate, duplication, facsimile, likeness, look-a-like, match, mirror image, replica, spitting image, twin

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to post a picture of Chloe on Facebook to a group that I recently joined known as the “American Cocker Spaniel Lovers and Breeders.” It’s a unique cyber club with over 220 members that share a common interest in, well you guessed it, in American Cocker Spaniels.

Not long after I uploaded Chloe’s image, a second image appeared within the same Facebook thread from another member. This image is the one below of the two attractive cocker spaniels. Below the picture a description was written that said, “Chloe is gorgeous, and a twin to my Trudy!

Now, Trudy of course is the brown and white Sable American Cocker Spaniel in that picture, and she most definitely could pass as Chloe’s twin with her white paws, the black edging on her ears, along with the same brown eyes and black nose. 

In fact I had to do a double take, was that Chloe? Was this her doppelganger? Well the rest of the story that unraveled is quite amazing, but I’ll leave that for my next entry!

Trudy and Libby.
Photo by Denise Mahaffey Pernell

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