Chloe's Real Life Doppelganger? (Part 2) - A Family Resemblance


Chloe's Real Life Doppleganger? (Part 2)
A Family Resemblance  |  11.2013
If you read the earlier blog story, you’ll know that we discovered Chloe has a twin, or at the very least she has a family resemblance to another Spaniel that looks very, very similar. What I didn’t reveal is that Trudy, the other sable cocker spaniel, is actually related to Chloe.

How is that you say? Well, it seems that both Chloe and Trudy were born at the Weems Family Kennel in Portales, New Mexico. Trudy was born in 2006, while Chloe came five years later in 2011. It also became apparent that Chloe and Trudy have not one, but two parents that are the same. Both came from the mating of Buster, a male cocker spaniel, and Minnie a female spaniel making Trudy and Chloe full sisters!

As a writer it’s nice to tell such a unique story, especially when I often wonder, just how are Chloe’s actual litter mates doing these days. At the time that we selected Chloe, there were two sisters and a brother that still needed homes. In today’s world, the rage seems that everyone wants a puppy, but as soon as they reach adulthood, many are quickly ushered off to the dog pound. At least in our story, these two sisters, Chloe and Trudy will have the opportunity for a long and happy life with loving families.

PS: Chloe has already let me know, that she hopes we will get the chance to write about her big sister Trudy in future entries of My Dog Chloe and Me.

Chloe as a puppy, "Trudy's Little Sister"
Photo by Kara Schubert Carroll
Trudy as a puppy "Chloe's Big Sister"
Photo by Denise Mahaffey Pernell


  1. Hahaha! These particular pictures jumped out at me also, when I was comparing puppy pictures.

  2. I agree, I really liked this picture of Trudy.


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