A Whole Year More Incrediblerer


Happy Birthday to Chloe in turning 2 years old today!

“a whole year more incrediblerer” is a cute birthday card that I found on the Internet that really fits Chloe turning 2 years old today.

Now is “incrediblerer” even a word?

Obviously, it comes from the word "incredible" which means:

Definition 1 -  impossible to believe.
- unbelievable,
- beyond belief,
- hard to believe,
- unconvincing,
- far-fetched,
- implausible,
- improbable,
- highly unlikely,
- doubtful;

Definition 2 - difficult to believe; extraordinary.
- magnificent,
- wonderful,
- marvelous,
- spectacular,
- remarkable,
- phenomenal,
- prodigious,
- breathtaking,
- extraordinary,
- unbelievable,
- amazing,
- stunning,
- astounding,
- astonishing,
- awe-inspiring,
- staggering,
- formidable,
- impressive,
- supreme,
- great,
- awesome

After that definition, Chloe is indeed incrediblerer as she transforms from a puppy to an adult, or so that’s the normal definition of the two-year milestone in a dog’s world. But to be honest, while Chloe is indeed maturing at an incredible rate, she still has plenty of pranks and mischievousness in her that I will undoubtedly look forward to this next year.

So maybe when she turns 3 years old, we’ll really get to say a whole year more incrediblerer when she finally reaches full cocker spaniel adulthood.

Happy Birthday Chloe!

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