Driving Miss Chloe


I recently caught the movie, "Driving Miss Daisy" on TCM, and it got me to thinking how much Chloe, just like Miss Daisy, dislikes being driven anywhere. 

Chloe's preference to stay out of the car started when we brought her home for the first time from the Weems Kennel. It was a car trip that lasted nearly four hours from Portales to Albuquerque. Chloe would shake, cry and howl as we sped along the highway during that winter evening in December. Fast forward nineteen months later, and Chloe still hasn't gotten use to the motion of the automobile.

I've read that you can train your pet to love the car, but it takes a little willingness on your part to be a patient chauffeur. Finding fun destinations like the local dog park can be the association link that car travel doesn't always means the Vet, or the groomer, ...and so I've decided to make it a real goal to begin driving Miss Chloe.

Chloe enjoys her ride back from the groomer.

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