An Exceptional October Morning


Chloes poses on the trail this morning.

Brilliant sunshine and exceptionally cool temperatures greeted Chloe and I as we hit the trail on this first Saturday in October. An intense blue sky and no clouds is how New Mexico often looks during the autumn season.

Making our way to the park we sat down in the grass to admire the grey and white horse that was giving rides. This is Chloe’s first horse sighting so of course this large animal captured her interest. Chloe gave one low growl, but after that she watched with fascination.

We were also joined by Sarrina and her dad that gave Chloe plenty of friendly pettings. For Chloe and I, it was indeed an exceptional October morning here in the high desert.

Chloe admires the horse in the park
...and maintains a watchful eye on the proceedings.
Sarrina and her dad give Chloe plenty of pettings
...and Chloe always enjoys the attention.

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