Dogs We Have Met (Part 2)


Dogs we have met.
If you’ve been a loyal follower of Chloe’s blog, you may have remembered an earlier story titled “Dogs We Have Met (Part 1)”. Would you believe that was one hundred entries ago at number thirteen? It’s now time to finally write again about some of those dogs that we have greeted on the trail, but this time I brought along the camera. Without additional fanfare, here are three friends that Chloe and I regularly see on our daily morning walk.

The first is a great big guy named Baxter that simply towers over Chloe. For her petite size, Chloe puts up a brave front and doesn’t flinch when she sees him coming. I didn’t catch from his owner exactly what type of dog Baxter is, but for his size he is always very polite around Chloe. As Baxter’s owner often remarks “...Now don’t you scare her.”

The second dog that we typically greet early in the morning is Rosey, a female Carin Terrier. Think Toto from the movie Wizard of Oz, as Rosey is a near twin. At about fifteen years of age, which makes her around …let’s see that's fifteen human years per seven dog years or about ….105 years old!  Wow …is that right! Let’s just say she’s still pretty spry for one very old lady. As her owner comments, “…Chloe gives Rosey her daily spark of energy.” I have to agree, since after we pass, Rosey’s walking tempo takes a slight swing upward.

The third dog that we often say hello too, is Maddie, a very friendly white and brown Springer Spaniel. With her big eyes, long ears, and a gentle demeanor, Maddie likes to be petted just before we say goodbye. I also have to wonder if Chloe really knows that she and Maddie are related?

Baxter and Chloe.
Chloe greets "Toto" -  I mean Rosey!
"I like your ears!" - Chloe and Maddie.

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