Chloe and The Dog Pack


Chloe and the dog pack.
What’s better than walking your dog? How about walking with four other dogs and their owners. That's what Chloe and I did several days ago when our morning walk turned into a trek with, "The Dog Pack".

Counted among this gang of five were two Poodles (Masie and Ari), a Poodle-Schnauzer (Biscuit), an American Cocker Spaniel (Chloe), and a Brittany (Libby)

Each dog had their own unique sense and style of walking that ranged from a no nonsense straight ahead focus, too Chloe’s constant zigzagging down the path. There was also a friendly jostling for pack lead. The gang of five was no doubt also highly motivated by the delicious food treats that were given along the trail. 

Surprisingly, the pack kept in step especially when you consider the different temperaments, ages and various dog breeds. And what was the topic of discussion among the dog owners, …their dogs of course!

The gang of five waiting for a treat.
(Pictured from Back to Front - Libby, Masie, Biscuit, Chloe, Ari)
Masie - a Poodle
Ari - a Poodle
Libby - a Brittany 
Biscuit - a Poodle-Schnauzer

Chloe - an American Cocker Spaniel

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