A Grooming That Went Terribly Wrong


Chloe after her bad 
experience at the groomer.
What do you do when you pick up your dog from the groomers and suddenly realize that an establish-ment that you trusted for over a year no longer employs reputable artisans at the role of hair cutting? 

This is what happened to Chloe yesterday after a ninety-minute grooming turned a cute cocker spaniel into a shaven mess. Gone was her flowing lower body skirt and leg fir that are the hallmarks of the cocker. Gone was one of her cute long eye lashes.

In short Chloe was handled by an unskilled, untalented groomer at Tullivers, Albuquerque that didn’t have a clue on how to trim a dog let alone any sense in how a cocker spaniel should appear, even after explicit instructions were given on how we expected Chloe to look. After being informed that Chloe’s regular groomer had left Tullivers, and that we would have their other groomer for the first time, I can also say that all groomers are not even close to being equal even if they are employed by the same business. 

Of course hair and fir grows back, it’s one of the many wonders of nature, and certainly a good one at that, which in the end protects us from poorly skilled barbers, beauticians, and of course dog groomers. But Chloe’s well-being rests on my shoulders for the right type of food, medicine, and proper grooming.

Thus starts my task in selecting a new establishment with a groomer that has a reputation along with references in the art of clipping cocker spaniels. It’s the least that I can promise Chloe, along with plenty of hugs.

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