Follow Up to, "A Grooming That Went Terribly Wrong"


Image By Albert Staehle

If you had the opportunity in reading the blog entry, titled “A Grooming That Went Terribly Wrong”, you’ll remember that we were not very happy with a new groomer’s handy work on Chloe.

This entry will be my conclusion on the story.

To recap, we had been very satisfied with the small boutique pet shop known as Tullivers. On our last grooming visit however we were treated to their second tier grooming service, after learning that our long time groomer had just left the company. In fact our preferred stylist has been Chloe’s exclusive and only groomer since puppy-hood. 

Obviously a visit to the company’s owner (who I had previously met and conversed with on several occasions) was necessary to voice my concern of their latest service and quality. Armed with photographs in my hand of Chloe’s recent grooming disaster, along with a picture of how she had always been trimmed at their shop I set out for the store.

What I had expected as satisfaction is not what I received after my discussion with the owner. Instead of being offered an apology for the level of quality, or even a partial monetary refund, I was treated to a “reduced price” the next time I brought Chloe in for her grooming, along with plenty of excuses of why she had to be drastically shaven.

As I said at the beginning of this entry, it’s time for closure of this story, but also time now to move on to a grooming establishment where the customer still comes first.

Chloe's typical grooming appearance. 

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