Hello Winter, ...Again


It's winter again as Chloe catches up on some R&R.

It was only last Saturday when it felt like springtime around here. Four days later and we’re back to winter with temperatures in the low teens. Even weather.com this morning was showing, a feels like temperature in the single digits.

With Chloe and I having stayed up late to watch TCM’s “They Came To Rob Las Vegas”, a 1968 Spanish production crime film starring Gary Lockwood, and Elke Sommer, it wasn’t really a bad idea to cancel our walk this morning on account of cold.

Chloe headed for the big easy chair for another round of R&R, and I poured myself a second cup of coffee. Oh yea, that movie was pretty campy, but it did capture the sixties style perfectly, not to mention the actor’s “cool attitude” in close-up scenes, and their two-worded dialogue.

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