Hunting Rabbits


Another cold morning, but brilliant sunshine marks the high desert on this first Saturday in February. Today, we have chosen to hunt rabbits, a favorite activity of Chloe's when we're on the trail. Each side of the open trail is marked by natural brush and terrain, which is the perfect spot for rabbits to hide from predators like coyotes that roam this area at night.

Chloe, is in her usual cocker spaniel hunting form, of not only diligently sniffing the ground, but also keeping her eyes out for the rabbits. This morning, proved to be uneventful though, as we saw nothing along the trail. 

I told Chloe, "It’s as if someone “tipped-off” all the rabbits that we were coming!"

Chloe keeps an eye out for rabbits this morning.
Sniffing the ground for rabbits.
Chloe on the rabbit hunt.

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