Chloe's First Snowfall


One of my favorite times of the year in New Mexico is winter. Our high desert climate includes all four seasons with their particular temperature variations. The spring is mild, the summer is hot, the fall is crisp, and during the winter, it can get down right cold. We also have our share of snowfall even in the lower elevations of Albuquerque, and it was fascinating to see Chloe’s reaction to the white ground covering that came down one evening.

On a whole, the 2012 winter was by historical standards an average one with normal amounts of snowfall and cold. The concept of snow was not really new to Chloe. She had her first experience with the white stuff during her kennel days in Portales, where they had received several inches during November and December 2011.

Her first snowfall living in Albuquerque occurred in early February 2012 when four inches accumulated in one evening. That following morning I made it a point to record her first snowfall in a series of pictures. Needless to say, Chloe and snow made for some very memorable images.

Chloe's First Snowfall | 2.2012

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