Dogs We Have Met (Part 1)


In just a short period of time Chloe and I have met many dogs with unusual names during our walks. I would like to say that you can tell a lot about the personality of a pet owner by hearing the name that they’ve selected, but I won’t go into a psychological analysis at the moment. Rather, let’s just enjoy these names. 

Biscuit (a Poodle-Schnauzer) - Named for the dog’s love of a biscuit?
Ari (a Poodle) - Named after the Greek goddess “Athina”.
Natasha (a Husky) - Boris and Natasha anyone, you know from Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Penny (a Brittany mix) - It just sounded cute I was told.
Mazee (a Poodle) - Not sure what this name means.
Libby (a Brittany) - There’s a food company called Libby, and the dog is a chow hound.
Buster (a Retriever) - The owner just liked the name.
Obi (a Labrador) - Remember the movie Star Wars?
Bear (a Boxer) - Sounds imposing.
Jack (a Bouvier des flandres) - A bear of a dog, of which it also resembles.
Celeste (a Bouvier des flandres) - Jack’s female mate.
Betsy (a mix) - An old dog with an old name.
Tessa (a Maltese) - A cute name for a small dog with a nasty temper.
Sunny (a Cocker Spaniel) - A bright disposition for an old friendly cocker.

The fun part will be adding to the list as time goes by.

"5 Labs" | Artwork by Jim Williams

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