National Walk Your Dog Day!



Chloe and Me on a Walk 

Did you know that today, February 22nd is “National Walk Your Dog Day?”

It was brought to my attention this morning through an advertising email from Gooby, a dog leash and harness manufacturer.  While I’m well aware of National Dog Week, that's celebrated in September, I wasn’t up on this one. 

An internet search stated that the exact origins of this declared day is unknown, although it’s believed to have been founded circa 1960, by Jim Buck - who’s claim to fame - is being the first professional dog walker in New York city. I guess he was the first one to charge money for such services, thereby declaring the “act of dog walking” as a true profession. 

But the bottom line for today is simply for you to get some exercise while walking your dog! 

…hey Chloe, lets go for a walk!

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