Christmas Photo Memories


"That Blank Stare - I don't have time for this"

Since the inception of My Dog Chloe & Me in July 2012, I’ve enjoyed creating Chloe’s Christmas card that we post to the blog each December 25th. It’s my way of telling Chloe’s story using a single moment in time. 

It means planning and executing a photo shoot to get just the right angle, the right pose, and even the right “doggy” facial expression - if there is such a thing. Of course, dogs give you that blank stare with a look that says, “…I don’t have time for this.” 

With 12 years of Christmas cards now under our belt - 2012 to 2023 - I’ve invented ways for Chloe to be engaged in the photo process, which goes something like this: 

Step 1 - start with treats, Charlee Bears to be exact - a reward for cooperation. 

Step 2 - be fast, ‘very fast’, with the camera to get the photo session over quickly.  

Step 3 - photo shoot near day’s end when she is tired. There’s nothing worse if your dog walks off the set before you’ve even snapped the first image.

But, just as capturing that perfect Christmas pose is your primary goal, the real fun is snapping all of the pictures that don’t make the card. These discarded images become timeless as the years’ pass - giving you the true memories of that Christmas moment in time. 

These are a few of the images, except for the last one, that didn't make it to Chloe's 2023 card. 

Step 1 - Have treats to bring cooperation

Step 2 - Be fast to get the photo session over quickly

Step 3 - End of day photo shoot when Chloe is tired

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