Trudy Passes



Trudy, Chloe's sister (2006 - 2021)
Photo by Denise Mahaffey Pernell

It’s never easy to write about the passing of a loved one, or a beloved pet for that matter, but this past week our family has seen the passing of my father-in-law, Jack Shinto** and Chloe’s sister, Trudy.  Trudy is a unique story in itself. It was 2013 when I first learned that Chloe had an identical looking sister. Identical in terms of the same sable coloring but also in personality. Trudy (2006) was born five years earlier of Chloe (2011) to the same Cocker Spaniel parents of Buster and Minnie at the Weems Family Kennel in Portales, New Mexico. Learning of Trudy and following her through the years on Facebook had become a classic past time. The pictures below are of Trudy and Chloe as pups, where even the pose says “they must be sisters!”


**I’ll cover my father-in-law, a commercial and water color artist in a later blog entry. Jack’s hand pencil sketches of dogs on yellow trace paper were discovered in a file folder stashed away in a cabinet, and I’ve been wanting to post them for a long time. 

Identical sisters, born 5 years a part

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