Art in the Desert


Art in the desert - swimming fishes and turtles.

Every now and then, Chloe and I come across some unusual sightings during our walk. It may be a piece of avant-garde lawn art, like the metal alien sculpture that adorns one neighbor's front yard. This distinctive piece of metal work even gets a cloth banner draped over its side during the Christmas season that says, “Free the Elves.” 

There’s also a kangaroo that greets you at the front door of another neighbor’s house. Carved from a single block of wood, it towers at least 8 feet in height. I don’t think Chloe has ever noticed it, since she’s usually too busy sniffing the ground, and this sculptured marsupial is set back from the public sidewalk.

No doubt, walking through your neighborhood in any form of consistency, like we do every morning, you’re bound to take notice of new additions and subtractions from the surrounding landscape. On a recent early morning jaunt on the trail, we came across some unusual art that appears to be one artist’s attempt at bringing a small piece of the ocean to the desert. I’m not sure if there’s a meaning to the artwork, as there’s no explanation as to why it’s there.

No, it's not a pile of beach sand, but rather a display of flat discs that contain brightly painted fish and other sea life swimming on a blue background. While odd and seemly out of character in the high desert, these starkly defined images are reminiscent of the primitive animal rock paintings by the first Native Americans on the city's west mesa, but with a modern twist.

Sightings, such as the painted fish in the desert is just one of the fun aspects of taking your dog for walk - since you’ll never know what you’ll see in the neighborhood.

Chloe and the swimming fishes.
Another piece of artwork next to the swimming fish - a gigantic whiptail lizard made from bricks.
Chloe poses on the head of the whiptail lizard.

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