The Cocker Spaniel Speaks


"The Cocker Spaniel Speaks" from the book, Every Dog Has His Say, 
by Edward Anthony, (1947).

In researching Chloe’s new book, I came across an entertaining and highly illustrated dog book titled, Every Dog Has His Say. It's a small publication in terms of thickness, containing just 64 pages.  Published in 1947, and long out of print, the book is a collection of dog poems and verses that appeared in the popular magazine, Woman’s Home Companion during the 1930s and 40s. The author of the book is Edward Anthony, and the illustrations are by Morgan Dennis, the leading canine artist of the times.

Each poem in the book is dedicated to a particular breed, with the breed’s image on the front side of the page, and the written prose on the opposite side. As a writer, with a distinct interest in all things cocker spaniel, I immediately searched out what Edward Anthony had written. Upon reading his cocker prose, I was not disappointed, as he clearly caught my favorite attributes of Chloe - a hunter, a show dog, a general pal and a pet!

Titled, “The Cocker Spaniel Speaks,” here it is formatted as it appears in its original print.

Latest records show that I
As a national favorite vie
With ‘most any canine known
Since the first dog chewed a bone.
Versatility, that’s me, 
As all cocker fans agree.
Want to hunt? I’m a retriever
Who can work up quite a fever
For the flushing out of game.
Want a show dog? I’m the same!
Want a general pal and pet?
Where can anybody get
One that’s better (I’m no knocker)
Than a really first-class cocker?

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