Book Talk with Chloe


It’s a busy time at the Chloe household, but we finally managed to get a few minutes with her to talk about the publication.

"Chloe, we hear you’ve got a new book, can you tell us a little about it?"
"The editors have worked really hard, it’s available in soft and hard cover print, plus E-book, selling through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other places, and it's even for sale here at our blog site!"

"Yes, we see that, looks great, but can you tell us the details?"
"It’s a book about me!"

"Yes, we know from the title, Chronicles of a Cocker Spaniel, but can you give us something more?"
"I like treats, walks, and plenty of pets!"

"Yes, but can you throw us a bone with the inside scope?"
"Well, I know one dog that likes, no I can’t talk about that, and there’s a dog we met in the park, no I shouldn’t talk about that, hey, you have to read the book!"

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