The Defiant One


The 'stare down', Chloe is "The Defiant One!"

Cocker spaniels are known for their even temperament and their fun to be around personality, not to mention their classic sculptured appearance of the long feathered ears and the large soulful looking eyes. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve especially enjoyed artfully photographing the breed from all different angles and perspectives. Having a camera always available whether it’s the one in my iPhone or my pocketable Canon, has become the real key to capturing Chloe’s expressions in an instance.

Just last weekend on our morning walk, I packed the Canon in my one pocket and Chloe’s treats in the other. The results from that camera are the accompanying images that caught her moment in time expressions to which I aptly titled “The Defiant One”.

That's one tough mug of 'defiance'!
A full blue sky background resonates 'defiance'!
'Defiance' is never looking at the camera!
...and 'defiance' means I'm out of here!

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