My Stress Reliever


My stress reliever.

Driving home from work the other evening, I caught the DJ requesting listeners to phone in with advice on how they handled the added stress of the Holiday season. For many, the time period between Thanksgiving to Christmas creates a heightened perception that there’s just not enough time to get everything done that must be done. You know, there’s the family card mail out, plus the bonus of writing a note about the year-long doings if you’re one of those types, …along with decorating the house, …shopping for gifts, and not to mention preparing for the annual family gathering. I’m sure I missed something, but you get the picture.

I don’t stress over the Holidays, particularly since my wife enjoys handling such details, or I think she does, but as I sat listening to the car radio, I wasn’t surprised to hear the very first caller gave my answer in stress management as well. For the caller, it was her dog that helped relieve such Holiday anxieties. As she went on to explain, who else but a dog holds no grudges, listens to every word when we complain, has a wagging tail as we walk through the door, or displays such unconditional love and loyalty even if we’re late filling their food bowl.

Yes, a dog is truly a stress reliever, and ever since our cocker spaniel Chloe became a part of the family, our Holidays and every day for that matter has had a lot less stress, …I mean if you’re a dog owner, wouldn't you agree?

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