"Cheese, Glorious Cheese!"


“Cheese, glorious cheese, tastes mighty inviting!
Cheese, glorious cheese, it’s so tantalizing!
Enjoy cheese, marvelous cheese, wonderful cheese!
Glorious cheese!”

Remember that 1987 commercial jingle? …Brought to you by the National Dairy Board on behalf of the American Dairy Farmers, and set to the tune of “Food, Glorious Food” from the hit musical “Olivier”. I still do, and it plays in my head every time I give Chloe a piece of her favorite treat …cheese! In our household "cheese" is magical especially when you say it within range of Chloe's hearing. When she catches the word, she immediately stops whatever she's doing and sits at attention. It's her favorite treat easily topping Charlee Bears which she never turns down. But the cheese word sends Chloe into a state of heavenly bliss.

Giving her a small bit of cheese brings Chloe's spontaneous shenanigans to a halt. No sticks or bugs brought into the house, and particularly no chewing on my slippers! Although the AKC, indicates that cheese is acceptable for dogs, it's a food that still requires some oversight. Too much cheese can give a dog an upset stomach, especially since dogs are typically classified as being lactose intolerant.

But, cheese is also the ideal way to conceal medication for your dog. A pill wrapped inside a small piece, "...helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way”, particularly for Chloe, …hey isn’t that last phrase from a Mary Poppins song!

...and here's that 1987 "Glorious Cheese" jingle!

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