Winter in Autumn


Chloe is surrounded in a sea of hailstones and leaves.

This evening’s weather may have been a first with a very unusual climate pattern that appeared to only surround the mountains, and being that we’re in the foothills, it easily covered us overhead. It seems that winter was upon us as the darkened skies opened up with a tremendous downpour of hailstones the size of golf balls. It came down furious and hard, shredding off the still attached leaves from the trees causing a colored carpeting across the backyard of green and white. It certainly advanced our annual leaf gathering chore weeks ahead of schedule, since Chloe and me will have to pick up this mess!

Chloe heard the racket of hail as it bounced off the ground before coming to rest in its snow white covering. With all the patience of a playful cocker spaniel, she banged the door chime in an effort to get outside and see what the commotion was all about. I even had to calm her down a few times and reassure her that she didn’t want to find out what a pelting of hail would feel like. It seems that hail storm gives her the jumps, but our thunderous rain storms doesn’t bother her in the least. 

...of course once it was all over, it was time to explore the damage!

A walk around to assess the damage.
Icy hailstones can certainly be cooling on the paws!
Chloe gives me that, "who's going to clean up this mess!"
There's something buried under all these leaves!

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