In the Moment


Chloe crashes in the lounge chair after a long weekend.

If you've been following our summer landscaping project, you may be interested to know that even Chloe has been putting in some long hours of running around the backyard while I moved the new xeroscaping rock into place and constructed the greenhouse deck. During all of this, Chloe would often trot back and forth following me endlessly as the work progressed, including some times when she would walk off with a particular tool or piece of material that I was just about to use. She loves to play the part of the mischievous cocker spaniel!

All of this activity would lead to one very tired pup, especially when Monday morning would roll around. It was on one such occasion that I also happened to have a camera handy to capture her in the moment. No doubt, Chloe had not quite shaken off our weekend of work as she laid in the lounge chair cradling her head with those fluffy paws.

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