Urban Farmers


Chloe oversees the family's new farming venture!

Our 2016 summer project not only included a makeover for a portion of the backyard landscaping, but it also set into motion an opportunity to become urban farmers. That’s right, our small pack of three - myself, Karen and Chloe - are embarking into that age old tradition of developing a backyard garden.

Although our occupations lean to the technical side, as an architect and a former national labs technician, both Karen and I look forward to rekindling our ancestral heritage in agriculture. Karen’s Japanese grandfather set a precedent in California raising orchids, while my grandmother left her family farm in Norway to resettle in America.

At the center piece of our venture is the new greenhouse where vegetable and herb seedlings will be started at the break of spring. No doubt we’ll learn over time how our unique sun and high altitude environment also factors into the growing season. Of course, getting Chloe into the mix will be the incorporation of ‘dog friendly’ aspects into this small backyard farm, particularly since we’ll be taking over a portion of her roaming territory. But already Chloe has given me the all thumbs up, or in her case the paws up sign particularly after I told her we’re planning to grow her favorite vegetable treat, …the carrot!

The plan for our backyard urban farm.
Chloe inspects the greenhouse kit on its arrival.

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