One of Chloe's Favorite Things


Chloe and the rabbit on the high desert trail.

If you were to ask Chloe what her favorite thing is about going for a hike up the high desert trails, undoubtedly she would reply “getting treats!” Whether it was the small oyster size cracker that I carry for her, known as Charlee Bears, or the more exotic flavored treats of duck and gator that Judy passes out, Chloe would hands-down say it the treats she enjoys.  But if you asked her what is a close second, she would certainly answer it’s “the rabbit sightings!”

Now, I’m sure Chloe would much prefer to be off her leash at the sight of a rabbit, in which she would give full chase by invoking the hunting instincts of a cocker spaniel. But for safety sake, I don’t dare let off for fear of a running injury that could occur as she tore across the uncharted and uneven terrain that lurks just below the trail’s brush covering. I personally know of a few horror stories where a dog had severely broken a leg when the ground dipped below them and the speed intensity of their run made it seem like they had fallen off a cliff.

So for Chloe, we do a much more genteel rabbit chase, and that is to count each one that we see on the side of the trail during a given walk period. Last year we had one very favorable day when the sighting was for no less than six rabbits, which I wrote about in “An Historical Day if You’re Counting Rabbits”

As they say, “time marches on”, and it wasn’t a few days later that we surpassed the six count with a new single day total of nine rabbits spotted.  So what do you think happened this past week that beat the nine count? A new rabbit sighting of course which gave us a total of eleven hopping bunnies along the high desert trail!  

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