Our Autumn Chore, Again


Our autumn chore, again
Brilliant sunshine, cool temperatures, and a calm wind greeted us today for the start of our annual autumn chore (See An Annual Chore). Enlisting Chloe’s help, the project was to gather the leaves that had recently fallen from the thirty-foot tall ash tree that stands in the yard. 

Chloe of course played the job foreman, directing my every move as she would run back and forth indicating where I should point the leaf blower. 

In no time at all, our combined skills had the job completed, or as you can clearly see in that last picture, at least until the next wave of leaves start to fall!

Chloe, the job foreman, directs the action!
Blow the leaves now!
Our "Autumn Chore" ...won't end until all the leaves drop!


  1. I can see what a big help she is, and that big smile keeps you motivated!

  2. Chloe had fun chasing the leaves when they fell off the tree, not to mention when the leaf blower stirred up things. By the end of the day it left her exhausted with all that running.


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