"Is That the Sun Chloe?"


Is that the sun Chloe?
"Is that the sun Chloe?"

We were greeted this morning with a sight that has been missing from the high desert. What’s that you ask? Well, a brilliant sunrise of course. 

The southwest has been under a deluge of water for the past three weeks, which if you live in this region can seem more like three years.  

After a steady rainfall early this morning, the clouds have finally broken up to give way to a heavy dose of rays along with an anticipated forecast of sunny skies for the next week.

It’s a welcome sight indeed, since this is why we live in the high desert!

A brilliant high desert sunrise greets us this morning. 
Chloe has to squint her eyes from the sun as we head up the trail.
We stop to capture the blue skies in the background.
Chloe smiles,"this is why we live in the high desert!"

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