Our Bath From the Skies


Chloe and I head out under a slight drizzle today.

Our corner of the high desert continues to see the monsoon rains. Steady down pours and flash flooding has been the norm this week, and trying to explain those conditions to your dog can be rather difficult especially when their interest is for exercise on the trail.

For the past four days, we have been able to time our morning walk just right before the showers start. Today however was another story.

Under cloudy conditions and a very slight drizzle, I figured we could easily maneuver between the falling raindrops as we stepped out onto the sidewalk. We maintained a steady pace for the trail dodging one raindrop after another with only a brief stop for Chloe to shake herself off.

Arriving at the trail bench all looked well for our continued hike to the park, but that’s when the skies really opened up and the rains came down. I motioned to Chloe to head back, and without hesitation, we broke into a full out run over our initial path for home. 

Arriving back at the house thoroughly soaked, we looked at each other when I laughed, “Chloe, we’ve just received our bath from the skies!”

Chloe gives herself a good shake to remove the drizzle's dampness. 
Chloe and I maintain a steady pace dodging the raindrops. 
Only moments before the skies really dumped the rain!

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