Chloe's Secret


"What are you smelling Chloe?"

Under cloudy skies, Chloe and I headed over the wet sidewalks for the open trail, but before reaching our destination, Chloe made an unusual stop at the bridge. This is the same bridge that we cross each morning with nothing more than a head turn by her, or a quick poke over the bottom railing to see how much water is flowing in the arroyo below. 

Today was a different type of bridge stop. 

Whether it was the rainwater that heightened the smell of the area, or something else, Chloe made a full 360-degree walk around of the same concrete pedestal holding the guardrail post. She completed this maneuver not once, but several times stopping to sniff all of the surfaces with the best of her hunting instincts.

I asked her, "What are you smelling Chloe?" As she turned toward the camera while still standing on the pedestal, I just happened to catch her mischievous glance. That's when I knew she wasn't going to tell me if it was a human, a dog, a coyote, or maybe even a bear that passed over the bridge. No, this was going to be Chloe's secret.

Chloe sniffs one side of the bridge pedestal,
...and sniffs the other side, 
...and sniffs on the metal guardrail portion as well.

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