A Follow Up to "Bear Sighting Excitement!"


Second bear caught in Albuquerque.
Image Courtesy of KOAT News
On today’s walk Chloe and I heard the news that a 150-pound adult bear was captured within yards of our Saturday morning walk path. 

Apparently this bear was cornered in one of the neighbor’s backyards by law enforcement officials, and shot with a dart from a tranquilizer gun. Still not quite out from the drug, the bear scampered over a property wall only to fall asleep in the street.

We understand the New Mexico Game and Wildlife Department will relocate the bear to the City of Grants, which is approximately 90 miles to the west of Albuquerque. There the bear will be released back into the wild. Yesterday also brought news of a second bear that was captured just a few miles away from our location. In this case a baby bear without a mother was sighted and apprehended roaming the parking lot of a retail center. Authorities rounded up the cub for relocation to an animal rehabilitation center.

Chloe is now on the lookout for rabbits, birds and bears!

Chloe is now on the lookout for rabbits, birds, and bears!

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