Bear Sighting Excitement!


This bear was caught nearby.
Image Courtesy of KOAT News

This year is shaping up to be another exciting year for bear spotting in the northeast heights of Albuquerque, as they come down from the mountains looking for additional food in the surrounding foothill neighborhoods.

Already the local newspaper has announced that over fifty sightings have occurred since the start of the year, with five of them recorded in the last week of July alone. The usual strategy by the Albuquerque police and New Mexico wildlife officials is to capture the bear with a shot from a tranquilizer gun for a return trip back into the mountains.

So what did we come across this morning on our walk? A bear sighting! Just two streets up from our front door the police had congregated around several houses. I counted four police cars as we made our way past them where we watched law enforcement officials on foot peering into several backyards.

There was no word on if they had spotted the intruder, but there was plenty of excitement for Chloe as we kept our own lookout for the bear. Before turning up onto our home street at the end of the walk, we caught sight of another police car heading for the scene.

Police cars on the scene in our neighbhorhood bear sighting
...where the bear was last seen in one of these backyards.
Another police vehicle positioned up the street.

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